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1966 Prefects

It's the year of the World Cup Soccer Tournament and more British History is made.

Firstly we lose the "Cup" by theft, but plucky little mongrel "Pickles" saves the day, finding it in a front yard.

Then we beat Germany yet again !! This time in a home game as opposed to the "away matches" of 1914 and 1939. 

At the 38th Academy Awards in Santa Monica, "The Sound of Music" wins best picture. Our predecessors have so much to answer for.

1966 Prefects.jpg

The numbers show their position from the left in that row, then their name. 

Back Row: 1. Peter Venus - 2. Andrew Glossop - 3. Paul Hayes - 4. Anthony Lyme - 5. Nicholas Lott - 6. Paul Wilson

Front Row:  1. Susan Moore - 2. David Eades - 3. Juliet McKenzie - 4. Peter Rumsey - 5. Susan Bushell

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